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Jul 25, 2013 - Spectacular Madaket Beach of Nantucket MA

When people think of making a Boston MA charter bus rental trip, the first city that often comes to mind would be the historically-rich city of Boston. Of course, there continues to be a very unique charm to Boston but the understated and under promoted little corner of Massachusetts, Nantucket, deserves, very much, everyone’s attention as well.

Nantucket is a small island that stretches across thirty miles south of the, also popular, island of Cape Cod. Nantucket is sometimes associated with another small island of Massachusetts, Muskeget and while both have similarities and are small island towns in their own way, Nantucket and Muskeget should be succinctly distinguishes. The name Nantucket itself was a quick adaptation of an Algonquian name for islands which means, very simply, a faraway land or a piece of land that has been separated from the mainland area.

Nantucket, deservingly so, has been called one of the top Boston MA tourist attraction because despite the cold, chilling and sometimes cruel winter weather that the region receives most years, the attraction in Nantucket continues on and we will see MA charter bus rental tourists making their way here as a form of escape from the cold weather. In response to the increase in tourist visits, the population of Nantucket, as expected, rose from about ten thousand residents to fifty thousand...especially during, yes, you’ve guessed it, summer months.

With such a thriving tourism industry, the homes and real estate industry is also blooming with Forbes Magazine reporting that the home values in Nantucket island being one of the highest and most expensive in the whole of United States.

As with all other beachside holiday tourist attraction, restaurants, cafes, shops, and retail outlets are built in and around the beaches. You would be doing yourself and your family and friends a favor if you brought the MA charter bus to Madaket Beach at least once during your stay. It is hard not to be blown away by the beauty of the beach, regardless of the day. The soft breeze that is blowing in the air, the blue waves curling into the sandy beaches, the absolutely beautiful summer weather and cheerful is all very hard not to fall in love with.

The beauty of a visit to Madaket Beach is that despite it being a popular tourist hotspot, there is always space for you, and it is peaceful, serene and perfect for a late beachside walk later during the day when you get the chance to watch the sun set. If there is still some time left from your MA charter bus rental visit, stay back after sunset and watch the seals play around with each other.

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