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Expect nothing short of old school charm at Massachusetts Oak Bluff's Ocean Park, come relax, chill out or have an evening out with family and friends

Ocean Park at Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Feb 13, 2014

This is the perfect place for those MA visitors who are looking for a chance to act like a teenager all over again. It is also natural respite for couples, honeymooners, retirees and young kids. Wide open space rolling off in front of you right after you step foot off the ferry ride. For years, even the locals, would bypass Ocean Park in favor of other more touristy sites but if one slows down and look beyond all the enchanting beautiful buildings and see that Mother Nature had intended for Ocean Park at Oak Bluffs to be a place of comfort for those who are rushing around, busy with their everyday lives.

So, if you have the time during your MA bus charter visit, do get the charter bus driver to make a pit stop at the ferry and hop onto to the other side.

Close enough to downtown Oak Bluffs yet a distance far enough for observation

For most people, they did not find Ocean Park appealing because it was just a part of a neighborhood and preferring to hit the beaches (nothing wrong with hitting the beach, mind you, but Ocean Park is deserving of its fair share of excitement and attention).

The great thing about its location is that it is located far enough from the downtown area to be serene and calm, yet near enough for you to grab a sandwich, coffee and be a part of the neighborhood’s everyday adventure.

And speaking of Massachusetts beaches, we will have you know that the ever famous Inkwell Beach is a stone’s throw away from Ocean Park. So, if you get bored with the park, by all means, hit the beach. It’s all yours.

Magnificent view from as the ferry departs from Cape Cod

The ferry ride from Cape Cod will usually take about 45 minutes and Ocean Park greets you as you step off the ferry. With the ocean breeze calming you down, take a sit and slow down for a while, watching seagulls gliding in and out of the waters.

People will usually use the enchanting gazebo, located near the center of the park, as a meeting point. The locals will be going about their everyday activities at the park, playing with their children, walking their dogs and just lazing around after a long workweek.

One of the reasons why you would come back to the park is a awesome scenery. From all directions, you will see hypnotic architectural beauty in the gorgeous Victorian-inspired homes. The buildings and mansions are rather old and at one point, underwent a state of disrepair. However, historians and culture vulture put in a lot of effort to restore these gorgeous buildings.

In all honesty, the park would have been just a park if it was in another location but when it is centrally-located, with easy access to the beach and shoreline, and surrounded by these stunning structures, you will not regret making your way to Ocean Park.

Across from State Beach is a pond that Canadian Geese love so fly and swim around. The MA bus charter visit will be the perfect opportunity for photography enthusiasts.

Bus Rental MA, a professional bus charter company in MA

Bus Rental MA is a company that values its customers, their opinions, feedback and suggestions. Please do give us a shoutout if you have something constructive to share with us. We are, as always, all ears. We hope your trip out to Oak Bluff’s Ocean Park is a memorable one.

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