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MA Massachussets Guide

Feb 18, 2013 - Moving through Massachusetts

There are many different sides to Massachusetts that is actually worth a visit and that is all because of the fact that each side to MA is very distinct and unique. Charter bus rental customers, visitors, tourists and guests are sometimes overwhelmed about where to go to during their visit in a rented charter bus but worry not, despite the fact that it is smaller than many other cities in the country, it is home to many American firsts.

Massachusetts is actually where basketball was born and if you asked where, the answer is Springfield. Renowned names have all been born here in Boston MA, including big names like Alexander Graham Bell. In order to experience and savor the whole Massachusetts feeling and history wholly and completely, we strongly recommend renting a charter bus, coach charter from a reputable company like Bus Rental MA and come over to explore some of the best tourist attractions here with us.

Nature lovers are going to love Massachusetts. Some contend that Boston MA is all about history and culture. Sure enough, whilst that continues to be true, Boston is extremely blessed in terms of having the most natural sites in the country, especially the northwestern side of Massachusetts. For example, come here in your rented charter bus and make a quick pitstop at Wendell State Forest together with your nature-loving family and friends. We promise you that even the kids, the young ones, are going to fall in love with nature after their short bus rental tour and visit to the park. The forest is made out of seven thousand five hundred and sixty six acres of fun land. It is the perfect destination for canoeing, biking, mountain climbing and fishing too. During winter, indulge in a little bit of cross-country skiing, if you will. There are trained professionals who can guide you along the way.

In the meantime, the northern part of Massachusetts, apart from the metropolitan Boston downtown area, contains a pristine patch of wildlife hotspots too. For example, the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge which can be found pretty near to Plum Island. There are more than four thousand and six hundred acres of wildlife reserve for everyone to enjoy.

And in the meantime, after the hiking and physical exertion, maybe it is time to conclude the bus rental charter MA trip with some shopping and then eating out at a popular eatery. That should make for a perfect bus rental MA vacation.

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