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Oct 30, 2013 - Lowell, A Growing MA City, Worth a Visit

Despite being not too large in size, Massachusetts was once known as a place for industrial revolution where tens of thousands of jobs were created in order to help the people who came here to call it home survive. Although it has been a long time ago, this phase of Boston and MA’s development and growth have left a deep impression on the people and culture. So, if you really want to get to know Bostonians and MA people on a deeper level during your bus rental MA vacation, you need to hit as many places as you possibly can and this can only be done proper when you are using a charter bus, shuttle coach, passenger large transportation charter, mini bus, party bus or other types of transportation.

We think that although there is much history and culture behind Boston, Lowell of Massachusetts deserves as much attention from tourists too. Bus Rental MA charter bus rental customers are surprised to see an exponential boom in the commerce, educational, entertainment and art sectors too. At this day and age, Lowell is now home to hundreds of thousands of residents and we can see how it is growing in the tourism sector too.

There are benefits to staying in Lowell, as opposed to choosing to live in Boston, because it serves as an alternative destination for people who are looking for an urban place where there is easy access to most of the major highways, a growing number of colleges and an epicly fast growing commercial scene. In short, you sort of get what you can get in Boston MA but at a fraction of the price.

As can be seen, many more large internationally-known organizations are coming to set up their branches and even headquarters in Lowell, namely Motorola, JP Morgan, Siemens Water and MetLife Insurance. This is evident that Lowell is now seen as a potential business hub and in the near future, I think the number will only grow. In recent years, editors and writers of magazines have gone on to give Lowell some lovely and sticky nicknames but what is endearing is that Lowell has made its way into the list of America’s Geekiest Cities.

During your bus rental MA vacation in Boston, it makes perfect sense to bring the rented bus to Lowell for a quick lookaround because they are both interconnected via an expansive and efficient highway and there is even a direct subway line connecting both cities. However, if you are using a charter bus from Bus Rental MA, then we are talking about a short bus ride away.

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