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MA Massachussets Guide

Apr 25, 2013 - Before the mast in Massachusetts

This is an absolute haven for maritime adventure lovers in Massachusetts because here comes Boston Harbor. In fact, we will contend that you do not have to be a maritime lover in order to enjoy the cruise, especially legendary ones like the ones available in Boston MA. Just about ANY bus rental MA charter bus visitor will start falling in love with what they have to offer here.

During the cruise, people often find themselves getting used to trying to spot a massive whale, playful dolphins or just catching a glimpse (or snapping a photo of legendary Boston MA landmarks like the historic lighthouses of Cape Cod. Henry Thoreau once said in the 1800s that cruising around the coast of Boston is nothing short of miraculous and awe-inspiring. And you can do the same thing too during your bus rental MA charter bus rental visit together with your loved ones, family and friends.

Taking a cruise out together with them makes for the perfect time for bonding and spending and creating special moments together.

The cruise takes the start from Hyannis Port on the Catboat Rides. Be there early to avoid being disappointed, bear in mind that the cruise is often extremely popular with tourists and holiday merry-makers, so, be extra early during peak season.

As you sail along on the 34-foot long boat, it will give you a closer-than-expected look at the home of the Kennedys and as well as the beaches and coastline of Nantucket Sound. The cruise proves to be calm, peaceful and relaxing in every way imaginable.

If a sunset cruise is what you are looking for, then the cruises offered at Lewis Bay may be just the thing that you are looking for. They feature some side trips to popular destinations like the Pine Cove Sanctuary. Pine Cove is a destination for bird-watching lovers. There is something very peaceful and connectable about bird-watching. You stop breathing every time you catch sight of a bird that you are out there looking for.

Most of the ships used for these cruises are made to take up to twenty to thirty people for a trip, so, bear that in mind when organizing your bus rental MA charter bus vacation trip. If there are more than thirty people, you can perhaps discuss this up with the managers, owners and operators of the boats.
The boats have their own kitchens and serve up a mouth-watering fanfare of dishes like lobster rolls, shrimp cocktails and also not forgetting tummy-filling sandwiches in the form of roast beef sandwiches.
So, book your bus rental MA charter bus up for your cruise trip in Boston MA, we can’t wait to hear from you and let’s create a long lasting business relationship with each other in the very near future!

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